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+49 (0) 2687 9259 200 | kontakt@kumm-technik.de

Frequent asked questions.

Slurry technology refers to the technology and equipment used for managing and applying liquid manure (slurry) in agriculture. KUMM Technik specializes in advanced slurry technology solutions, offering high-quality, durable, and efficient machinery “Made in Germany” for professional use in agriculture, ensuring optimal slurry management and application.

KUMM Technik’s machinery is designed for efficient handling and application of digestate and food waste, crucial for biogas plants. Our equipment ensures precise substrate management, enhancing the efficiency of biogas production and supporting sustainable energy generation.

We provide specialized equipment for the application of sewage sludge and digestate, focusing on sustainable nutrient recycling and soil improvement. Our technology ensures that these materials are used effectively as natural fertilizers, contributing to environmental protection and agricultural productivity.

Slurry technology is vital for farmers and contractors as it enables precise and efficient application of liquid manure, such as thin slurry and thick slurry, as well as other organic fertilizers like solid manure, cattle slurry, and pig slurry. KUMM Technik’s solutions help in improving soil health, crop yields, and operational efficiency.

Our products facilitate the effective management and application of organic fertilizers and liquid manure, promoting sustainable agriculture practices. By optimizing the use of these resources, we help reduce environmental impact and enhance the sustainability of farming operations.

Yes, our machinery is also suitable for substrate management in sewage treatment plants, providing solutions for the efficient handling and application of treated wastewater and sludge. This supports water conservation and recycling efforts, contributing to the sustainability of water resources.