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Slurry application devices

Slurry technology for professionals! We build agricultural machinery for your future. From practice for practice.


True revolutions begin in practice. KUMM Technik combines experience, craftsmanship and technology for high-quality products.


Slurry incorporation equipment from KUMM Technik.

Designed for optimum and efficient slurry application, our slurry application devices complement your KTR.

Individually adaptable to your needs thanks to modular design

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Precision in use.

Our disc harrows are designed for use with liquid manure and work reliably and without clogging, even under tough conditions.

Technical details:

  • Working widths: 4, 5 and 6 metres
  • 2-row, 250 mm disc spacing
  • 560 mm serrated discs
  • SKF bearings, adjustable side plates
  • Vogelsang distributor, special manure hoses
  • Vogelsang distributor LVX DN50

Optional equipment:

  • Support wheels
  • Tube bar roller with 600 mm diameter
  • Double rod and roof ring rollers
  • Rubber rollers
  • Harrow and other extras
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Efficiency champion KUMM slurry cultivator

The KUMM slurry cultivator is designed for demanding slurry work and works effectively and without clogging, even in heavy soils.

  • Working widths: 6 metres and 7.50 metres
  • 2-beam
  • hydraulic folding
  • Tine spacing 250 mm offset
  • Special spring-mounted vibrating tines
  • Double heart shares
  • Double support wheels tandem front 4 pieces
  • Size 26 x 12.00-12
  • Depth control precisely adjustable via spindle adjustment
  • Vogelsang distributor LVXDN50
  • 24 outlets with 6.50 metre working width
  • 30 outlets with 7.50 metre working width
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Frequently asked questions.

KUMM Technik’s slurry distributors offer precise and efficient distribution of slurry across the field. They are specifically designed for the emission-free incorporation of slurry, leading to optimal nutrient utilization and improved soil health.

KUMM Technik’s incorporation equipment, including slurry disc harrows and slurry cultivators, are developed for intensive soil cultivation and slurry incorporation. They help to effectively break up the soil and evenly incorporate the slurry, improving soil structure and promoting plant growth.

KUMM Technik’s incorporation equipment stands out due to its robust construction and precise functionality. They offer flexible solutions for the emission-free incorporation of slurry, making them a special solution for farms that value efficient and environmentally friendly slurry utilization.

Slurry disc harrows and slurry cultivators from KUMM Technik enable direct incorporation of slurry into the soil, minimizing ammonia evaporation and reducing emissions. By precisely incorporating the slurry, these devices help to reduce emissions and improve soil health.

KUMM Technik’s incorporation equipment, such as the slurry disc harrow and slurry cultivator, feature technical details like working widths of 4, 5, and 6 meters, a 2-row arrangement with 250 mm disc spacing, serrated discs, and special vibration tines for effective soil cultivation. Additionally, they are equipped with high-quality Vogelsang distributors and special slurry hoses to ensure even distribution of slurry.

Yes, KUMM Technik’s incorporation equipment is flexibly designed to be adaptable to different soil types and agricultural requirements. Their versatility allows for efficient slurry incorporation across various soil conditions, making them a valuable tool for agriculture.