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KTK ()

Pump tanker KTK.

The combination for your requirements.


6.000 L/Min


26.500 Liter - 30.000 Liter

KTK ()

6.000 L/Min

KTK () ()

26.500 Liter - 30.000 Liter

True revolutions begin in practice. KUMM Technik combines experience, craftsmanship and technology for high-quality products.


Masterpiece in slurry transportation.

Individually adaptable to your needs thanks to modular design

KTK Behaelter scaled ()

Container technology with precision.

A well thought-out container design, available in various volume options and featuring a special lightweight construction with advanced coating technology, optimizes ideal weight distribution and stability.

  • Lightweight tank containers with 26,500l, 28,000l and 30,000l.
KTK Fahrwerk scaled ()

Flexibility meets robustness

Modern chassis technologies offer customized solutions for every requirement – from single-axle systems to tridem configurations for maximum load capacity and stability.

  • 31t gross vehicle weight
  • 10t axle load
  • BPW axle with 60km/h approval
  • 3rd axle self-steering
  • 445/65 R22.5 tires
  • 1st axle Lift axle
KUMM Technik KTK scaled ()

Innovative pump technology for efficient application

The pump technology relies on high-performance components for maximum efficiency and flow capacity, ideal for demanding agricultural applications.

  • 6,000 l/min Rotary lobe pump
  • Centrifugal pump for tubing substrates
KTK Bedienung scaled ()

Intuitive control and connectivity

State-of-the-art operation simplified by an intuitive CAN BUS system with touchscreen functionality, expandable with advanced ISOBUS connectivity and smart sensor technology for precise spreading.

  • Professional operation
KTK Saugarm scaled ()

Efficiency and range

Experience a new dimension of precision and flexibility with KUMM Technik’s suction arm. Designed for seamless integration and retrofitting, this suction crane guarantees optimum performance and adaptability for your agricultural challenges.

  • Suction and transfer crane Profi in 8 inch
  • Drip tray including automatic drain
  • Rotates 270 degrees to the rear
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Let us advise you.

+49 (0) 2687 9259 200 Contact us
KTK scaled ()

Quality from our own production!


Craftsmanship meets technology: precision in every product.


Craftsmanship meets technology: precision in every product.

IMG scaled () ()
KTK 04
Revolution in liquid manure management.

Performance, efficiency and sophisticated design.

KTK scaled ()
Quality "Made in Germany.”

Highest quality from our own production.

KTK scaled ()
Technology at the front line.

Robust and efficient machines for contractors.

KUMM Technik KTK scaled ()

Our other models

KUMM Technik KTR Betrieb Cordes scaled ()

KTR. discharge drums

KTR. spreading tank - Sophisticated, tailor-made efficiency.

KTS. tank semi-trailer

KTS. tank semi-trailers The pulse of your logistics chain.
KTD scaled

KTD. pump tanker

KTD. pump tanker Flexible and all-terrain
KTK 05

KTK. pump tanker

KTK. pump tanker The combination for your requirements.
Guelleeinarbeitung ()

Slurry application

Slurry application The perfect addition for your KTR.
Guellecontainer 1

Slurry container

KTC. transhipment containers The link to your high efficiency

Get in touch with us.

Heinz Schepergerdes
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Christoph Eichner
Alexandre Dozier
ER pix

Frequently asked questions.

The KTK supply tank from KUMM Technik is specifically designed for efficient slurry transport without the need for trucks. With a volume of 26,500 to 30,000 liters and a powerful slurry pump, it allows for direct filling and spreading in the field, reducing the need for additional transport vehicles.

The KTK as a supply tank with a slurry pump offers numerous advantages, including higher efficiency in slurry spreading, precise dosing, and the ability to transport slurry directly from storage to the field. This increase in efficiency leads to time and cost savings as well as a reduction in environmental impact.

Slurry hose feeding with the KTK allows for efficient and soil-friendly slurry application. Using a centrifugal pump, the slurry can be pumped directly from the supply tank to the distributor in the field through long hoses, minimizing soil compaction and optimizing nutrient distribution.

The KTK supply tank represents a special solution for slurry transport by being specifically tailored to the needs of modern agricultural operations. It combines high transport capacity with advanced pumping and spreading technology, making it an ideal choice for farms seeking efficient and environmentally friendly slurry management.

The KTK stands out as an optimal transport barrel due to its large volume, robust construction, and versatile application possibilities. It is not only suitable for slurry transport but can also be used for spreading other liquid farm inputs, making it an indispensable tool for efficient agricultural processes.

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