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We are KUMM Technik.

Slurry technology for professionals! We build agricultural machinery for your future. From practice for practice.


True revolutions start in the heart. KUMM Technik combines experience, craftsmanship and technology for high-quality products.

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KUMM Technik. Unternehmen

Striving for perfection

Founded in 1999 as an agricultural contracting company, we quickly realized what our mission was: quality work “Made in Germany”. Our customers needed durable, high-performance machines and what was available on the market at the time did not meet our requirements. So in 2011, we launched our first completely self-designed KTS slurry tanker – initially for our own use – and brought it onto the market in 2013.

Wahl ein Jahr aus

Foundation of the contracting business.

This year marked the beginning of our profound journey in agricultural engineering. With tireless commitment, in-depth expertise and a vision for the future, we laid the solid foundation for KUMM-Technik. This step paved the way for innovation and set the benchmark for quality and reliability in the years to come.


KTS built for own use

In 2011, KUMM Technik marked a significant milestone in its company history: with the development of a specially designed KTS (Kumm Technik System) for internal use, the company set new standards in the efficiency and quality of its production processes. This system underlines KUMM Technik’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement.


Marketing of KTS and foundation of KUMM Technik GmbH

2012 was a transformative year for KUMM Technik, as a new era began with the successful marketing of the company’s own KTS (Kumm Technik Systems). The expansion led to the founding of KUMM Technik GmbH, a strategic step that firmly anchored the company in the agricultural technology sector and laid the foundation for future growth and innovation.


Presentation of the KTD product range

In 2014, KUMM Technik introduced its innovative KTD product range, which opened up a new perspective in agricultural technology. This step once again demonstrated the company’s ambition to lead the industry through continuous innovation and high-quality products.


Foundation of the sales company KUMM Technik Vertrieb GmbH

2017 heralded a phase of expansion for KUMM Technik: With the founding of KUMM Technik Vertrieb GmbH, the company extended its reach and consolidated its presence in the market. This step was an expression of the company’s commitment to customer proximity and service quality and significantly strengthened the sales network.


Presentation of the KTR product range

In 2018, KUMM Technik proudly presented the KTR product line, an advanced series that would shape the industry. This product line reflected the company’s continuous drive to enrich and modernize the agricultural sector through innovative developments.


Grant of three patents

In 2019, KUMM Technik set a significant milestone in its history of innovation: The company was honored with the granting of three patents. This recognition underlined KUMM Technik’s originality and technical leadership in the development of advanced agricultural machinery and systems.


Introduction of an ERP system and introduction of the KTK series

In 2020, KUMM Technik took a major step towards digital transformation and increased efficiency by implementing an ERP system. At the same time, the KTK series was introduced, which expanded the company’s product range and set new standards in agricultural technology.


Obtaining EC type approval, establishing sales in France, granting of three patents

2021 was a year of progress and recognition for KUMM Technik. The company obtained EC type-approval, officially validating its products on the European market. At the same time, it expanded its distribution network in France to strengthen its international presence. In addition, KUMM Technik’s innovative strength was confirmed with the granting of three further patents.


Introduction of the KTR titanium series, application for further patents

2022 marked another breakthrough for KUMM Technik with the launch of the KTR Titan series, which boasts cutting-edge technology and outstanding performance. In addition, the company underlined its innovation leadership by registering further patents, highlighting its ongoing contribution to the agricultural machinery industry.

KTR Allgemein
Kumm Technik

Shape the future and get started at KUMM.

If you are an industrial employee, university graduate or specialist looking for new career prospects with challenging tasks and responsibility in an innovative and competitive agricultural engineering company, then we look forward to hearing from you at KUMM-Technik.

Get in touch with us.

Heinz Schepergerdes
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Christoph Eichner
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