KUMM Technik Slurry Disc Harrow
KUMM Technik
Slurry Disc Harrow

KUMM Technik Slurry Disc Harrows

KUMM Technik Slurry disc harrows are specially designed for liquid manure and slurry use. You always achieve an excellent work result. Even in extreme conditions such as great drought, humidity, and high vegetation! Due to the special angle of the discs and its arrangement, the disc harrow works completely clog-free. Here, third-party products often have problems with the use of manure.

  • Working widths: 4, 5 and 6 meters
  • 2-rows
  • 250 mm disc spacing
  • 560 serrated discs
  • SKF Heavy Bearings
  • Swinging, adjustable side plates
  • Vogelsang Distributor LVX DN50
  • Special slurry hoses black
  • Support bracket for training wheels
  • Lighting
  • Warning signs
  • Colour: RAL-Ton 7016 Anthracite


  • Training wheels
  • Tube rod roller 600 mm
  • Double rod rollers
  • Roof ring rollers
  • Rubber rollers
  • Currycomb