KUMM Technik Slurry cultivator
KUMM Technik
Slurry cultivator

KUMM Technik Slurry Cultivator

The KUMM Technik slurry cultivator impresses with its extreme ease of movement with excellent work quality and versatile applications.

Due to the two-balk arrangement of the vibrating tines at 25 cm tine spacing, a very good distribution of the slurry in up to 150 mm

Working depth guaranteed. Due to the vibration of the tines, significantly larger working widths at higher speeds are possible with the same tractor. Thus, a significant increase in the hectare performance yield. Even with a lot of biomass, e.g. shredding straw, the machine does not clog up or tends to drag.

  • Working widths: 6 meters and 7.50 meters
  • 2-balky
  • Hydro pneumatically foldable
  • Tine spacing offset by 250 mm
  • Special vibrating tines spring-suspended
  • Double heart shears
  • Double support wheels tandem front 4 pieces
  • Size 26 x 12.00-12
  • Depth guidance precisely adjustable via spindle adjustment
  • Vogelsang Distributor LVXDN50
  • 24 outlets with a working width of 6.50 meters
  • 30 outlets with a working width of 7.50 meters
  • Rear spring-loaded cover harrow
  • Parking supports
  • Lighting
  • Warning signs
  • Color: RAL 7016 Anthracite
KUMM Güllegrubber
KUMM Güllegrubber
KUMM Güllegrubber

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