KUMM Technik Slurry container
Slurry container

KUMM Technik Slurry container KTC 70 and KTC 90

As a professional partner in the field of slurry application, spreading technology and slurry logistics, we also offer a high-quality field edge container.

This is available in two sizes:

  • 75 cubic metre
  • 90 cubic metre

The field edge containers have been designed and developed based on practical experience and as per our own quality standards.

These are completely welded off from the inside as well as from the outside (no silicone seams). It is then blasted inside and out. The inside is coated with a special epoxy resin. The outside is primed and painted in a two-layer system.

The field edge containers are equipped as standard with:

  • Compressed air brake system
  • Hydraulic chassis
  • 10-hole axles
  • 385/65 R 22.5 (new tyres)
  • Hydraulic whiffletree / drawbar
  • Ladder at the back, inside and outside
  • Rear filling and unloading device 6 inches with quick-release fastener
  • Level indicator 6-inch Plexiglas tube rear left
  • Warning signs: triangle at the back
  • Suction extraction pipe 8 inches rear inside for docking! (90 cubic meters 10 inches)
  • front left 6-inch connection blank plate
  • front right 8-inch connection blank plate
  • Rear right floor sump with drain
  • Holder for slurry hose
  • Lighting
  • COC (Certificate Of Conformity) released at 40 km/u

This is a well-designed and practical slurry field edge container.

KTC Güllecontainer
KTR Tankvorgang
KTC Güllecontainer

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