KUMM Technik KTR
Pump tanker
Pumping capacity: 6,000 – 12,000 l/min
Capacity / Volume: 16,000 – 31,000 litres
Hourly output: up to 200 cubic meters per hour

Real revolutions begin in the heart

From sophisticated to well thought out – the KTR spreading drums adapt to your requirements

A slurry tank that we have rethought and developed from the ground up! A new class of performance, efficiency, and versatility — only possible thanks to sophisticated design. The compact lightweight design and the particularly low centre of gravity ensure excellent driving behaviour and handling under all conditions. For the revolutionary interplay of the most innovative design, the best available components and the most advanced and intuitive control electronics on the market, there is only one goal: to be the best! Everything "Made by KUMM Technology"

Look forward to a slurry tank that has never existed in this form before!

KTR Profi

16.500 - 18.500 - 20.500 - 22.000 - 25.000 - 28.000 - 31.000 Litre pump tank truck

Container The lightweight tank tanks are manufactured entirely in-house. The containers are specially coated on the inside and blasted, primed, and painted with 2K paint on the outside. The 2-chamber tank system, as well as the sophisticated design result, in an optimal weight distribution. Due to very large wheel cuts, we achieve an extremely low centre of gravity of the vehicles at a full steering angle of the axle steering, even with 800/60 R32 tyres.
Chassis Tandem and tridem:
BPW AGRO turn axles (with a forged steering fork replacing the axle stub) with air suspension (optional hydraulic chassis)
Tandem: second axle self-steering (optionally electro-hydraulically forced steering), maximum allowed weight 24 ton.
Tridem: the first and third axles are force-steered as standard, maximum allowed weight 34 ton. Tyres: 750/60 R30.5 or 800/60 R32
TÜV acceptance 40 km/h
Whiffletree/drawbar Very slim whiffletree/drawbar for optimum steering angle, even with large tractor tyres.
Bottom hitch/suspension K 80 ball head 4-ton support load
Hydraulic drawbar adjustment and drawbar suspension
Hydraulic support leg
Pump technology Vogelsang rotary lobe pump with injection system and carbide interchangeable shells, Pumping capacity 6,000 ℓ/min
Optional 9,000 l/min or 12,000 ℓ/min
Attached to the side, thus very maintenance-friendly
Wide-angle cardan shaft on one side
All suction lines in 8 inches or 10 inches for high suction capacities
Automatic “full” shutdown
All variations such as short front suction arm or 2-jointed, with pit hose, or a suction crane at the top or a front docking station can always be retrofitted
Cutter Vogelsang Rotacut 10,000 L or 20,000 L
Hoist All Kumm KTR-Profi vehicles can standard de retrofitted with a three-point hoist. The rear wall of the container is always correspondingly stable with reinforced wheel arches and reinforcements in the tank.
Operation A very simple and user-friendly control with headland management, as well as corresponding follow-up circuits enable even inexperienced drivers to operate the vehicle within a very short time. The operation of all KUMM spreading vehicles is carried out via a KUMM CAN BUS system with a 7-inch professional pad touchscreen control unit, which makes it possible to control all functions in real time. Many automatic functional sequences.
A fully automatic speed-dependent spreading rate regulation is included as standard in all KUMM application vehicles. Automatic “full” shutdown.
Optional: ISOBUS connectivity, section control, application cards and NIR sensor possible
Attachments All conceivable attachments are possible. For example: drag hose distributors, drag hose distributors (Bomech), cultivators, disc harrows, slotting devices, strip till devices, etc.
KTR Profi
KTR Tankvorgang
KTR Heck

If there was something better, we would use it.