KUMM Technik KTD
Slurry trailers
Pumping capacity: 6,000 L/min
Capacity / Volume: 28,000 liters

KTD 28 Dolly Transport Platform Pump Tanker

Unique overall concept: flexible and all-terrain

The steel tank is installed on a two-axle unit and can be driven with a dolly or a semitrailer tractor.

Due to 3 specially completely welded flush walls as standard, this vehicle always has a very good road holding. With its large tires as standard and a very short and compact design, it is perfectly designed to drive on difficult surfaces and to supply the spreading vehicles directly to the field.

We opted for the Dolly system because, depending on the customer equipment, the latter always has the option of driving this vehicle with a semitrailer tractor or LOF (Land- oderForstwirtschaftlicheZulassungAgricultural or forestry permit) tractor.

KTD 28

28.000 L Transport Pump Tanker

Container Super lightweight container tank completely manufactured in-house, net volume 28,000 liters, 3 specially welded flush walls, tank filling and emptying via pump sump - therefore very small residual quantities.
Chassis Two-axle unit BPW 40 mph or 50 mph with EBS (Elektronische Bremssystem = Electronic braking system)
Self-steering - therefore very high maneuverability
Drum brakes
Tires 445/65 R22.5 as standard
Axle distance 1810 mm
Pump Hydraulically driven rotary lobe pump from Vogelsang
Injection system and interchangeable shells with 6,000 L/min
Optional Börger pump
Pump Installed in the middle under the barrel for very short suction paths, stone trap trough
Filling stations Three-suction point series: 8-inch swivel arm at the rear of the barrel with 6-inch slider, driving direction left and right center of the barrel with 8-inch piping with 6-inch slider each
Dockers Standard 10-inch extraction pipe from the pump sump
Depending on the customer's demands further by screw connection to 10 inches or 8 inches with docking funnel and PN spade slider
Optional docking funnel below 8 inches
Operation An operation panel for suction, neutral or pressing at each suction point on the barrel Series
Automatic pump shutdown at “full” alarm
Specification Many more specifications on request
KTD rot
KTD 2-Achsen blau

If there was something better, we would use it.