Slurry technology for professionals!

With decades of practical experience in our own contract operation, we build machines that are specially developed and designed for the needs of daily use. By the simplicity and operational reliability of our machines, we are entering new dimensions in professional agricultural technology.

Manure technology is the focus of our company. Agricultural machinery is exposed to the highest daily charges, especially when used in contract operations. In addition to functional reliability and solid design, lowest possible costs also play a major role. Especially in times of continuous increasing of energy costs, the work to be done must be done more efficiently than ever before. User-friendly and reliable!

From practice for practice. Without if and but. The combination of many years of daily practical experience and the understanding of mechanical engineering combined with modern development and production methods create a breeding ground for innovative ideas, which we consistently chase and implement. Convince yourself and contact us!

Our product range:

Spreading technology:
Single axles: 16.5 cubic meters
Tandem: 13.5 to 20.5 cubic meters
Tridem: 22 to 31 cubic meters

Transport technology:
Two-axle tank semis optionally with dolly: 28 cubic meters
Three-axle tank semisin V2A stainless steel: 30 to 36 cubic meters

Processing device/equipment:
Slurry disc harrows 4 to 6 meters working width
Great cultivator up to 7.50 meters working width

Slurry accessories:
Front docking station
Docking station

Slurry field edge container:
75 cubic meters
90 cubic meters

Kumm Produktion
Kumm Produktion


We build agricultural machinery for your future in top quality! KUMM "Made in Germany"

The entire production of the KUMM transport and application vehicles takes place in our own production and assembly halls in Krunkel / Westerwald directly on the A3.

Quality is no coincidence. You must constantly learn so that the quality can grow with the demands. We get our know-how from our own experience, as we ourselves work as a contract company. So, we do not manufacture average agricultural machinery, but products that are adapted and manufactured exactly according to your wishes.

We manufacture products that guarantee efficiency and reliability for many years and meet the highest technical demands. You as a customer are at the center. We provide you with the optimal solution at a good price. We achieve this with a team of dedicated employees and rational production methods on computer-aided systems. Even after the purchase, we are there for you. Your satisfaction is very important to us. Should a problem arise, we are available with help and advice on the phone or on site.

Philosophy? We don't use that word often. We simply go for a culture of care, respectful treatment of ourselves, our customers, and our products. Our products make us proud. Everyone here knows that a KUMM agricultural machine must do its job with unusual durability and accuracy.

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